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is this an authentic usa 72 sarner jersey?

Love the website. Thorough, but simple. The way it ought to be. Kevin Walsh, Boston.

What would you think of an athlete who four months prior to the Olympics in Vancouver was serving under enemy fire in Afghanistan or Iraq? It happened in 1972. Stu Irving, four months prior to the Sapporo Games, was in the MeKong Delta of Vietnam. In fact, he was told if he was cut from the team before the Games, he would have to return to the jungles and finish his second tour of duty. Pretty amazing eh? - Tom, Author "Striking Silver"

I wonder what Olympic Hockey fans think of the tournament so far?

The stories about Vietnam and the players who served are unbelievable. Can you imagine that happening in this day and age? Truly incredible stories.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Thanks so much Susie. We're glad you like our book and the site. Please tell your friends about it and our book!
Thanks again - Tom & Jerry

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho

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“Striking Silver was one of the most overlooked books in 2006-07. It is truly worth a read. It's not totally about hockey, but about working hard and having dreams come true.”
– Joe Pelletier,
“...It's nice to know their accomplishment in Sapporo will be forever remembered.”
– Mike Eruzione, Captain, 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team
“No longer untold, Striking Silver shines with both heart and soul. It's the story we've been waiting for.”
– Lesley Visser, CBS Sportscaster
“Striking Silver offers a fascinating portrait of one of the great, untold success stories in American hockey...”
– E.M. Swift, Sports Illustrated

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